Important Reasons Why PHP will never die?


PHP was originally created in 1994, which came into existence in 1995 as one of the prominent server side scripting language. PHP is widely used general-purpose scripting language especially for web development. On an average, PHP is used by 75% of all the websites being developed. In the other words, we can say 7 out of 10 websites have succeeded in PHP. 75% of usage clearly figures that more than half of the software industry is dominated by PHP indicating it a strong market leader. Besides, popular websites like Wikipedia and Facebook the CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento are also built in PHP.

The Reasons Are :

1.Ease of learning and Flexibility

With over 20 years to test, troubleshoot and optimize the scripting language, PHP has evolved to become one of the easiest languages to learn and work with. This is possible because of the very flexible coding style that allows developers easily create, update and optimize web pages without constantly running into various errors caused by very strict and rigid guidelines like those used by other languages. This feature makes learning the PHP language very easy as it helps you skip the need to memorize numerous rules and guidelines first.


With the constant evolution and improvement of the PHP scripting language, developers have been able to create, modify and optimize the programming language documentation. This way users can easily reference it to get more in-depth knowledge on how the various parts of the language work.

3.PHP Experts Availability

There is a big number of PHP professionals and they provide support and maintenance related assistance. This particular feature of PHP allows site admin and users to get help swiftly all time they experience any technical issue.

4. Easy to update

If you have a PHP based website then you will see that it is very easy to update such types of websites and updates are also instant.

As it is a server-side scripting language, all its updates will be done from the server side, not from the client side, so it is secure. Besides, not any browser setting can influence its updates.


PHP was created to be very fast in order to speed up the execution time of your web pages, this makes it the best language to use for your server-side applications and also one of the reasons PHP will never die.

6. Easy Data Base Connection

Depending on the sector you are creating the web site for, you might need a very fast and efficient database management system that can help you store and retrieve information’s very fast. PHP is the best choice, with a built-in module that helps it in connecting with the database, the programming language comes first in database management effectiveness.


We all know you can’t create the perfect codes without encountering a few bugs here and there, the big question is “how easy is it to debug your codes in your language of choice?” PHP, when compared to other server-side programming languages and frameworks, comes out on top for easy debugging. The language as a wide array of very sophisticated debugging tools that help developers reduce the time spent on debugging and essentially increases productivity.

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